Welcome to Quran Teaching

QuranTeaching.com, an international Islamic school, that has been providing online Quran Tutoring services since 2006, assists you as well as your children in learning Holy Quran recitation and memorization with proper Tajweed. Register with any of our special range of Quranic courses as per your interest and enter the world of simplified Quran learning platform.

  • Specialized Tutoring System

    We are not individual or a home based academy, but we are one of the oldest and most experienced institute since 2006 for Quran Learning. We don’t use third party software* like other home based academies…

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  • Our Expertise

    Seven years of successful experience in teaching Quran online, makes us righteous in saying that we have always provided our students with integrity, credibility and excellence, Alhamdulillah!


  • Accessibility

    Now, you can also take Quran classes from your phone Without internet connection. Moreover, you can choose the time of your choice and availability. Whether it is the time you get free in office or the time…

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  • Free Trial

    Everyone can try our First Week lessons as Free Trial without any obligation attached. Our regular classes can be started from just in $10/First Month. Moreover, you can also get discount on affordability bases.

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  • Virtual Classrooms

    A true learning experience with tools like multi-way audio, video streams, integrated chat, online whiteboard, application sharing, file transfer, and more.

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  • One on One Classes

    All of our courses are conducted online with one on one Real time tutoring. There are no group sessions so a teacher can concentrate on each student individually.

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